We wanted to thank Big V Entertainment for their wonderful service and care of all of our transportation needs during the Woodstock at Bethel Woods Golden Anniversary. Not only did they take all of the stress away from the parking and driving, they also provided very informative guides on the buses. Ron Stein was on our morning bus trip to the Woodstock Monument and gave us a history lesson on the Bethel Woods area, the folks that made the 1969 festival possible, and the local scene both in 1969 and today. We learned so much just on the one bus trip! Big V Entertainment was prompt when they picked us up at the end of each evening concert and the bus drivers were extremely courteous and helpful. The whole Woodstock Golden Anniversary celebration was one of the best times in our lives and we were able to escape the grown-up pressures of today and have a few days of Peace, Love, and Music. Thank you Big V Entertainment for adding to our Woodstock Golden Anniversary experience.

- B. Herring, Gainesville, FL

Wonderful service! Marion looked out for my 2 daughters who had never been to Bethel Woods or taken this service before. Marion emailed me when they were on the bus back after the concert to RWC. Take this bus, it will save you time and the people are so nice and professional.

- Dan Ho, Tuxedo Park, NY

Great transportation simple processes too, just order the seats and pick them up on the day of the event and get right on the bus. Less walking and hassle for arrival and departure from Bethel Woods. I would recommend this route to anyone and use it again. Even better I could not lose playing the slots with the $5.00 voucher I was given. I went home making a few bucks!

- Vivien Marinaro, Monticello, NY

Bus trip and staff great. "Best Western just across the road" is a little misleading. It's a 1 mile walk up a big hill (highway) back to the motel. That will sober you up real quick. If Big V stopped at the Best Western it would be a great safe option.

- Craig G., Sparta,NJ

I was amazed to receive such friendly, courteous, and greatly appreciated service. WAY TO GO!!!

- Richard Bennett, Poughkeepsie, NY

This is the easiest, most stress-free way to go to and from Bethel Woods. The drivers and staff are friendly and helpful, and make it an even more enjoyable experience! I\'ll be recommending it to anyone going to Bethel Woods!

- Deborah Connors, New London, CT

I will never drive to Bethel again. The only issues were the defrosters in the bus, and the goose poo in the parking lot at Monticello. Other than that, it was perfect.

- Pat Murphy, Highland, NY

My 2nd time using this service. Good price, no hassle. Our driver, Steve, was friendly and professional.

- Joe Orrio, Burlingham, NY

Great,we will use this service everytime we go to a concert at Bethel Woods. Thanks for a stress free time.

- Jan Houghtaling, Neversink, NY

The experience was everything we hoped for. The last concert we spent two hours in the parking lot before we got to Rt. 17B. The ride was 20 minutes and it was great. Our driver was excellent. We will do this every time we come to a concert.

- Jeff and Barbara Topps, Washingtonville, NY

It was wonderful experience. I hope you continue this every year.

- Jean McAuliffe, Pine Bush, NY

This service made the night so much easier; saved an enormous amount of time after the concert. Worth more than the price we paid!

- Scott Berger, Monroe, NY

This was the first time we used the bus service and it was so much better than waiting in traffic in and out of the concert. The bus makes it so much easier and we spent some time at the casino which was fun! We will certainly use the service for our next concert!

- Nancy Trenz, Newburgh, NY

We ran into some family members at the Brad Paisley show. They drove we took the Big V bus. On the way home, we texted them. We were on Rt 17 by Wurtsboro, they were still in the parking lot. Big V everytime, unless you like parking lots.

- Sean Z, NY, NY

We decided to take Big V's to the Woodstock show. What a time saver! Easy in and easy out. And a great staff (except I didn't know I could cash in my ticket to play at the Casino!). Will definitely do it again!

- Maria Bartosch, Branchville, NJ

This is the stress free way to go to a concert. They take you by back roads,drop you off by the gate and then pick you up again inside the venue. With six buses running there is always one waiting to take you when you want to go. Well worth the money.

- Bill Benkwitt, Morrisonville, NY

Well organized group. Certainly the best way to attend an event at Bethel Woods.

- Dev Lemster, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you so much for this service. it was so nice to have transportation to and from the event and not have to worry about dealing with traffic. I'll never drive to another evert again. the woodstock reunion concert lasted 8 hours thanks to all your drivers as well.

- Melanie Granada, Buffalo, NY

Great service. Would do it again. Drivers were very firendly and accomodating. Service is exactly as advertised.

- Ben Vinzani, Somerset, PA

Very good idea to take the bus to the concert. Saves time and frustration.

- Phylli Greenblatt, Spring Valley, NY

I've driven to Bethel Woods before -- what a nightmare. The Big V experience was the best. Ordered tickets online,parked car at the casino, and picked up the tickets right in the parking lot at the Big V bus. The young girls at the ticket bus rode the bus with us and were very helpful in explaning the details of the ride back after the 40th Woodstock anniversary. It was great to get to the concert quickly and to not have to walk a mile to get to the front gates!! I didn't realize that the Big V service is available for every concert -- no more driving for me!!! Big V was the best!!

- Jackie Morris-Hayes, Glen Spey, NY

Taking the bus was easy,cheap and convienent.Definately the way to go see a show.

- Jennifer Frederick, New Smyrna Bch, FL

This was great, it was my first time to Bethel and this was so easy,we will go again. Thanks!

- Paul DeRosa, New Windsor, NY

Used Big V for 40th Woodstock. Great decision. Driver knew back roads and got there fast. Would use again in a heartbeat! thanks Big V

- Karen F., North Brunswick, NJ

The bus ride was very quick to the concert site and the air conditioning was critical because of the 90 degree heat! I took the bus that departed 3 hours earlier which was perfect since they let you through the first set a gates prior to the the general public. The bus was clean and comfortable. Only complaint was the return ride. Went on back roads which took 40 minutes with no traffic. There was a quicker route which the driver was unaware of or decided not to take. Please inform your drivers of the quickest back route way to further speed up the ride back. It still beats the 1 1/2 hour wait in the parking lot to get out!! Still all in all, an excellent value, a hassle free ride and much quicker then taking your car! The bus ride back should be a 1/2 hour at least after the last cord played. This gives you time to use the restroom prior to departing. I highly recommend using this service and will use it for all my future concert attendances.

- Melody Aubry, Yorktown Heights, NY

Perfect, I will never again drive to Bethel myself. It was a great experience, dropped at the door, picked up at the door, couldn't have asked for a nicer driver. Staff pointed the way to the busses. Great job Big V.

- Maggie McKay , Palenville

I attend numerous shows during the season and I took the 1st trip last week. I probably will never take the car all the way up to the show. good location for the bus and relaxing not to deal with the traffic. Hope to see you again next year.

- Brenda Federlein , New Hampton, NY

I live local and took the bus for a sold out show. Definitely the way to go. 17B was closed and the company was all set for us to get out with a detour run! I am recommending the bus to everyone.

- Barbara Strong, Monticello, NY

We were happy we took the bus to Bethel Woods. It was relaxing not having to put up with the traffic coming out of the venue, and I even won $57 at the casino after the show.

- Ed Behrens, Middletown, NY

This is the best way in and out of the concert. Saved so much time, and left the driving to some one else. Will use this service again, and have told others about the Big V park and ride service. To bad they did not have this service last year. Thanks for starting a great service.

- Bob Nemeth, Westtown, NY

This was great. It made what living so close to Bethel Woods is suppose to be like. I will ride again for sure. Only wish I had known early bus would not fill up so fast and I would have been in Racino using my $5 voucher.

- Jennifer Ferrer, Wurtsboro, NY

I would recommend the park and ride to anyone who isn\'t planning on getting to the venue early.

- Dave, Hackensack, NJ

Glad that I took the bus! Didn\'t want to get stuck in traffic in and out of Bethel Woods. The Bus Driver was very friendly and informative. This is the only way to go!

- Lisa Aftel, Highland Mills, NY

The best decision I have ever made to attend a concert. Was easy in and out, terrific!!!!! Will do it again!

- Hannah Sayer, Monroe, NY

Very good service, plenty of buses and a great deal. Cash in your ticket at the Casino on the way back and actually the roundtrip to Bethel only costs you $3 with no parking lot headaches.

- Robert Page, New York, NY

Great idea, friendly staff, answered all of our questions. Clean buses, plus they are air conditioned.At the end of the concert, we were @ our car in no time. Will always use Big V and tell my friends about it.

- Vickie Reeves, Napanoch, NY

The Big V park & ride made our first concert experience at Bethel Woods so enjoyable that we can\'t wait to go again. Thank You!

- Susan O'Connor, Bronx, NY

The service was a great value as far as time and money spent. Got us to Bethel Woods easily and avoided a lot of traffic and stress.

- Stuart Wolensky, Summit, NJ

Great service, professional staff and ON TIME transportation - what else could you ask for? I will take Big V to Bethel Woods for each and every concert. Thank you!

- Denise Pisapia, Rock Hill, NY

I think its the best way to go.

- Mike Kashuba, Scranton, PA

I had never attended a concert at Bethel Woods before, but had been to the museum and was quite aware what leaving there after a concert would be like! I was so glad I spent the small amount extra to save all the aggrevation! I got on the first bus out and was back home in Montgomery before my friends I had met there were even out of the parking lot!

- Robert La Moy, Montgomery, NY

Great idea. Saves a lot of time getting out of the venue. The only confusing part is that drop off and pick up are not in the same spot.

- Hal Erol, Ontario

The ride to and from the concert was excellent and the best part was we didn't have to worry about traffic. we got in and out without having to deal with long traffic lines and having to walk up the hill to entrance. Thanks, what a pleasure!

- Renee Prairie, Liberty, NY

The show was made absolutely more enjoyable because we were able to stay for the whole show - even the encores - and we still got home before our friends that left a little early. The Big V Park & Ride is the way to go!! What a treat!

- Pat Mergen

Excellent service to and from Venue as you advertised. This deal saved us 2 1/2 hours of travel going home the last time we went to Bethel Woods. Only suggestion I'd like to make is that it would nice if you made that last trip 1 1/2 hours before show allowing us more time to go to rest room and other deeds before show starts. Thank You again for making our concert a great experience.

- Donald Pomarico, Beacon, NY

After attending many concerts at Bethel Woods and being stuck in traffic for hours, this is the only way to go. You might want to think about changing the last departure to an hour and a half before the event. Great idea will do it next time we attend an event.

- John Moeller, Throop, PA